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We build natural language interfaces with Artificial Intelligence with a liquid information architecture for maximum flexibility with powerfully intuitive access.


In addition to training, HyperConversal can assist in developing a Chatbot to augment sales and customer service staff, for education, counseling, diagnostics systems, as an office assistant, and more.


Allow us to run our software for you, using an always running mesh cloud architecture for maximum performance and reliability. We have options to seemlessly integrate your own processes with ours.


Our services allow you to build your own agent by mixing desired components and/or develop highly custom new components. You can even put your components on the market for other to use.


HyperConversal's product line centers on two main middleware products. Under these, we have a market for a growing list of dependent products.


A Powerful Chatbot Engine


Tutorial & Reference Books


A Distributed Tree Graph Database System

Development Philosophy

Leave as little as possible for users to have to learn or do.

Matthew C. Tedder

Software Developer

I have always believed that the ultimate goal of software developers is to produce software that no longer requires them. Software engineering is about morphing complexity into intuitive flexibility. Power is the ability to do more, faster and easier. Freedom is to have more options and fewer concerns. User misunderstandings and mistakes are opportunities for improvement in software design.

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